Signs your prince is also your best friend, and you’re one lucky princess

Luckily, when you happen to find a charmer, you may check out if he’s more than just a prince. There are some signs your prince is also your best friend. Here’s to reality!
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Fairy tales made us believe that our Prince Charming is someone who would rescue us in times of trouble, sweep us off our feet and take us to his kingdom while singing merry songs of love and admiration. There’s just one thing about fairy tales that makes it so unrealistic, aside from the magic carpets, singing mermaids, fairy godmothers, and talking teapots.

In most Fairy Tales, they would swear to marry each other right away without even getting to know the other person. If looks were the only basis for a “Happily Ever After” then you’re in for trouble. If Prince Charming really loved Cinderella, why did he forget her face and had to put a shoe on every girl in the kingdom? Is that what you really call love?

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1. You talk about anything!

Yes! Not just your likes and dislikes. Even your crushes! He’s comfortable with that and to be fair, he’ll talk about his crushes too. Still, you know you have a stronger bond and trust is not an issue. Just don’t get near… or you’ll be Mulan.

2. You have so many inside jokes

Your friends tend to be out of place when the two of you talk about something. Or sometimes, it just takes one look to know what you’re talking about.

3. You are not conscious of your looks

Don’t bother at all! He loves you way too much even if you don’t put on make-up. He is honest about what he sees in you, like if you’re getting fat, but you’re still wonderful in his eyes. Being confident and comfortable with each other despite your looks.

4. You can act extremely weird, and most of the time annoy the other person

You know each other too well that you have mastered the level of annoyance he can tolerate from you. It goes the same with him annoying you.

5. You know exactly how to be sweet to one another

Whether through words or actions. Surprises sometimes get a little too fishy because you know his actions too much.

6. When you’re mad, you’re really mad

You don’t hide away your feelings because you want to let the other person know what you feel, and you fix things quickly.

7. You are so honest with each other

Sometimes it hurts. But that’s how much you love each other. You want to help improve each other and encourage them to be more honest.

8. You most likely know what the other is doing, even if you haven’t talked to each other all-day

You know his routine every morning and his schedule for the week. If there’s something new about it, he’ll tell you right away. If not, it’s still fine. As long as he updates you now and then.

9. When you have a problem, you call him and not your girlfriends

Problems at work, family, or personal issues, he is your one-stop shop to vent everything. You don’t usually tell your friends first unless he knows about it already.