Get his attention without being obvious

How to get his attention
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We know you’ve tried googling this. It’s a part of the women’s handbook, in a little section called “How to get his attention.” It may seem too unconventional for others but let’s face it, women hardly get the chance and the courage to come to a man and tell him “I like you” It’s a thing women just can’t face and imagine doing. While others seem to have been effortless in this area, you cannot remove the fact that they still are doing something that keeps a man looking in their direction. What could that be? Here are simple ways to catch his attention without being obvious.

Dress to impress

Before he gets in love with your personality, he would initially check out your looks. This doesn’t mean you put a lot of make-up on, overdress, or anything similar to that. The best way to pull this off is to just put a little effort into what you wear and how you look. If you don’t normally brush your hair, maybe it’s time to do it. Put very natural make-up on and if isn’t your thing, ask someone to help you with it. Remember that you’re not trying to be somebody else, you’re just revamping yourself to look a little more pleasing. Don’t overanalyze things and just be yourself. You can have anything you want if you dress for it.

Find a common interest

You hate math, he loves math, you’re into singing while he’s into dancing. Still can’t find it? But then, you just happen to know that both of you love art. That’s a light bulb moment right there! Not to sound pushy or scary, try and let him know that both of you like the same thing. You can participate more during art appreciation class. If that doesn’t mean anything yet, be genuinely interested when he talks about his interests and communicate if necessary. Just make him know that you exist without being obvious.

Be confident

It will always the key for a man to notice a woman. Her confidence makes a woman stand out from the crowd and not just blend in. Take note that body language is important. No one too conscious and too shy will make a good impression on a guy. Be confident!

Location is important

Admiring him from afar won’t get you anywhere! Sitting next to him won’t hurt and is definitely worth a try. Chances are you were sitting fairly close when you first spotted him, so moving a few seats over for “a better view of the PowerPoint slides” won’t be obvious.

Keep his attention

Congratulations now you got his attention! What’s the next step? Keeping his attention. The way to keep his attention is to relax, be pleasing, welcome him but don’t be too desperate. During this phase let him do his own moves. Don’t try to control the situation, but encourage and allow him by appreciating the small things he does for you.