Without the tearful breakup

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Every day, new relationships are born, either naturally or artificially. When a mother gives birth to a bouncing baby girl or a bouncing baby boy, a natural relationship is born, and when people become friends, either through mutual consent or through implication, artificial relationships are born.

Some relationships formed, either way, are bound to last for life, while others are timely and don’t live to see the bright light of the following day. For instance, a mother will never cease being a mother, since the relation is natural and have blood links.

On the other hand, friends can unexpectedly become enemies, especially when things fall apart, because the relationship is founded on mutual interest, and when the mutual interest ceases to exist, the relationship dies.

When going into a relationship, it is very important to understand that relationships that lack natural binding are not meant to last for an eternity. For this reason, you must always understand how to break up, which can sometimes be hurtful and emotional depending on the circumstances of the process.

Dealing with unexpected pain turn of events in a romantic relationship is never easy. People cry some get mad, some commit suicide, while others do funny things when they break up with the people they loved so dearly. What you need to know is that managing the guilty conscience is very difficult, if not impossible, after a tearful breakup. Regardless of the angry, you become, make sure that you try as much as possible not to become the reason for the break-up with him or her.


Make sure that your hands are clean

When ending a long relationship, make sure that your hands are clean; let him or her carry the blame. By doing so, you will not have to deal with the guilty conscience. The idea might sound selfish, but the fact is that no one wants to be guilty.

The other way of ending a healthy relationship is through seeking dialogue. Many people think that by ending a relationship in bad blood, they become heroes. Never make the mistake of ending a relationship through arguments, exchanging bad words, or hurling insults at each other. The cost of breaking up in such a manner is painful. To be on the safe side, talk things out, and give her or him the reasons why you think a breakup is good for both of you. This will give you a chance to seek a reunion after a while, especially when you think that you need him or her the most. It will also give the two of you a chance to turn the romantic relationship into a healthy friendship. In other words, never underestimate the power of dialogue when ending a relationship, as it is the only way of maintaining future contact with your friend after ending the relationship.

If the relationship must end, try to be a gentleman or a good woman and end it on a positive note. Don’t ever turn love into hate and above all, know how to break up in a healthy manner.

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